Community Comp


What is Community Comp?

In the grim darkness of 7th edition 40k there is terrible imbalance between not only the codexes but between the armies we all own from years gone by and the overpowered combos of today. This imbalance means more than ever we need a comp system that works so we can continue to play 40k in an environment that is both competitive and accommodating for the new players.

Community Comp is designed to provide a grading system for armies so that Tournament organisers can escape the toils of devising their own comp system and to remove the guessing game of playing in a comp tournament. With all the scoring out in the open, players build their own comp score so they are never surprised by a bad score and never end up bringing an army that is far softer than other armies at the event.


Why use Community Comp?

Community Comp provides appropriate motivation to players for them to lower the power level of armies generally to a level about where we were at the end of 5th edition. With a stable, moderately powered meta game, even the worst units in the 40k universe become viable units to play with. With all units being viable, we get an opportunity to satisfy our creative urges without feeling like we will never get to play with those units. In addition newer players are more likely to enjoy their games in the competitive arena and come back for more next time.



Community Comp is a living document that is regularly updated. With every new set of rules Games Workshop releases we will make an update to put it into the system. Around every 3 months we will make another update to help keep the system as balanced as possible. Occasionally we will notice a problem that needs to be updated urgently, in these uncommon situations we will only make the changes necessary to fix the problem.



If you are signed up for a Community Comp tournament there's a chance you're not using the very most recent document so we keep a Version History for TO's to specify which version they wish to use.

The game has gotten much more intricate in recent years and were constantly having to refer to tables for pre-game stuff like psychic powers and warlord traits and even during the game for thing like Mysterious objectives. With this handy customisable reference sheet you can save heaps of time in game by cutting out the time you spend flipping through books. Below are two files, a generic Reference sheet and a set of customised tables for each specific army you can cut and paste into the Generic reference sheet.

Help us keep good records of what armies have been played in Community Comp events by utilising the Community Comp Army List Template. It has some handy auto calculation formulas already in there for you and has a specific format that allows us to easily analyse army data. We will also archive all armies so if you want to get a hold of an old army list you played you can request it on our Facebook page.

Community Comp Imperial Armour Beta (Current - 04/07/2016) Download
Community Comp Imperial Armour Beta (OLD - 14/01/2016) Download
Tournament Organiser Pack Download
Army list template (.xlsm Macros for adding units) Download
Army list template (.xlsx No Mactos) Download
Army list template (.xls Macros for adding units) Download
Team Army list template Download
Quick Reference Sheet Download
Quick Reference Sheet specific army add-ons Download
Australian and New Zealand Warhammer 40k FAQ Link

Community Comp Team

Matt Antonello Eric Hitchenor Joshua Diffey
Adam Synoradzki Allan Begolo-Wyatt Andrew Strazzeri
Daniel Corkran Dean Bradley Gary Morris
Jarrod Brehaut Jason Collins Jay Lajtar
John Dalmau John Lampe Joshua Leondaris
Mathew Cross Matt Morosoli Michael Basc
Nick Kelly Scott Devall Simone Bongiovanni
Tom Harper Tommy Migliorini Wes Graham

Community Comp as the name suggests is a group effort by all of us. No one brain can possibly concoct a system this intricate and it needs your input for its continued success. If you have any ideas or suggestions, thoughts or even complaints please don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback.


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